Invisalign® providers are everywhere: dentists, orthodontists, and even in the mail! Is it all too good to be true? Let us help debunk the myths and highlight the difference between mail-order teeth straightening kits, dentists, and Invisibly Aligned.


Orthodontist Backed

Dentists and mail-order orthodontic companies do not have an orthodontist that engineers and reviews each case. At Invisibly Aligned our local orthodontist and Invisalign® specialist, Dr. Yashu Singh, reviews and oversees the progress of each patient. Benefit to you: A specialist in manipulating teeth movements is there to make sure you get the perfect outcome.


Simple & Complex Cases

Depending on the skill level of the provider, both simple and complex cases can be done through Invisalign®. However, certain teeth movements can only be achieved through advanced techniques with Invisalign and mail-order orthodontics are not able to provide that to patients. Unfortunately, this isn’t known to the general public. That’s why we suggest visiting a provider who is Diamond+ Invisalign® certified.


Expertise & Experience

Not all providers are created equal, including orthodontists. Invisalign® and other clear teeth aligner systems can be learned via continuing education seminars in a few weekends. Virtually any dental provider can become an Invisalign provider. That does not mean, however, that they have any expertise in the field. The provider must be dedicated to learning the Invisalign® technique. Not everyone does because it’s expensive, time-consuming, and requires a lot of patience to perfect their skills. Diamond+ Invisalign® providers are the top producing offices in the country and you’re in good hands.


Product Used

Mail-order orthodontic offices do not use Invisalign® but use an alternative clear aligner system. Invisalign® is the proven method to correct smiles of all complexities. It is the superior product on the market.

If you want straight teeth with Invisalign® you have so many options in Austin, TX. We are the premier provider for Invisalign® for kids, teens, and adults. Invisalign® is a clear plastic aligner system that is an alternative to orthodontic dental braces.

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