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Our Invisalign® specialists design gorgeous smiles 50% faster than traditional orthodontics.

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Changing the landscape of Orthodontics

Invisibly Aligned is backed by Dr. Yashu Singh, a Diamond+ Invisalign provider, who oversees each case from start to finish, ensuring each patient receives their perfect smile.

Lowest Prices

Invisibly Aligned’s two pricing tiers include exam visits and retainers.


On average, Invisibly Aligned treatment plans require four visits.


Predictable results brought to patients by an experienced & local orthodontist who oversees each case from start to finish.

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Dr. Yashu Singh

Invisibly Aligned’s orthodontist, Dr. Yashu Singh, is a Diamond+ Invisalign® provider who has treated thousands of happy Invisalign patients in central Texas.

“You’re going to feel gorgeous when you’re done. You’ll be happy with your results—I guarantee it.”

Starting at $85/month.

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Payment Plans Available. Some Insurance Accepted.

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The Invisibly Aligned Difference

Invisalign® providers are everywhere: dentists, orthodontists, and even in the mail! Is it all too good to be true? Let us help debunk the myths and highlight the difference between mail-order teeth straightening kits, dentists, and Invisibly Aligned.  Orthodontist...

6 Months Faster Than Braces

You want straight teeth fast and look better while doing it? Braces are the old school, analog way to achieve a beautiful smile. Not only can braces be painful, unsightly, and hard to clean, but braces also take about six months longer to straighten your teeth than...

Straight Teeth in 3 Steps

1. Find a providerNot all Invisalign® providers are created equal. So picking one with the expertise and experience will ensure that you get the results that you’re seeking. We hear it all the time, a patient went to their dentist or popular mail-order orthodontic...

Why Our Patients Love Us

 “Had a great experience with Invisibly Aligned! I cannot wait to see my progress. I had braces growing up but never wore my retainers so my teeth have shifted a lot. With their virtual 3D imaging and in-person assessment they will be able to bring back my beautiful smile! Cant wait! Staff was very nice and the facility was very clean.”

 “Heard about Invisibly Aligned on the radio and decided to book a free consult. I had braces as a teen but NEVER wore my retainer. When I explained this to Maria she sweetly explained that this is a common occurrence and didn’t make me feel totally guilty. She answered all my questions and was throughout and knowledgable. I’m super stoked to get my trays in so I can straighten out my smile!!!!!”

“Everyone is really knowledgeable about teeth here! It seemed too good to be true to get Invisalign at such a low price. Other orthodontists had quoted me $7200 for my teeth.  Here it was only $2995!! The price is low because I only have to go in 3 times and they do virtual appointments. The place is cute, too!”

 “Loved my Invisalign consult! The staff is so sweet and makes you feel super comfortable. Plus, it doesn’t feel like a traditional dentist’s office. The explained each and every thing to me along the way. Would highly recommend to all of my friends.”

“The moment my daughter and I stepped into the office we were cheerfully greeted by a knowledgeable and informative staff member. During the appointment, my daughter was treated with the utmost care, explaining every step of the process in depth. The entire experience was enjoyable and memorable.”

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